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6 Unmissable days in Yucatan

30 Aug, 2022

By Deus Lobato Convento en Izamal Pueblo Magico


There are thousands of things to do in Yucatan, here I will tell you my secrets, travel tips, advice, and everything you need to know to have an amazing trip in Yucatan. Merida is the capital of Yucatan, ranked as the safest city in Mexico, but it also has cultural activities, historical buildings, cenotes, archaeological sites, beaches and more.  

The best season to visit Yucatan is April to May when the heat is around 36 to 38º C, which allows you to walk under the sun and get to know every corner of this city. If you travel, it is essential to spend 6 days there and rent a car to move around more easily. 


Let's begging with our itinerary for 6 Unmissable days in Yucatan


Day 1:

Tacos de cochinita pibil en Mérida

Travel from Mexico City Airport to Merida Airport, take a cab to the hotel (I stayed at the Hotel Reforma) after check-in goes to have breakfast at a restaurant downtown where everything will be delicious, after breakfast visit the cathedral, municipal palace, the revolution monument, Museum of Merida, and finally I recommend you to walk all the Paseo Montejo where you will find the most beautiful buildings, keep walking until you reach the monument to the homeland so you have the best pictures of Merida! Finally, you can walk or bike back to have lunch at the restaurant Chaya Maya (I recommend the cochinita pibil) and at the end of the day go for a delicious marquesita dinner in Centro watching the sunset.



Day 2:

Tour a Uxmal

Now that you have rented your car, the adventure of the day begins!

We will take the road to Uxmal (1 hour), Uxmal is one of the six archaeological zones of the Puuc Route when I went there only 3 zones were open, but the one that is worth a thousand dollars is Uxmal. Here you must have a lot of time because it will take you about 3 hours to walk around and take pictures, if you take a guide up to 4 hours, here I leave you some pictures to encourage you to go!

After Uxmal I took the car for about 50 minutes to get to the Mayapán Archaeological Site, this area almost nobody knows it but it is one of the most beautiful and you can still climb all its pyramids, can you imagine? the truth is that it is an indispensable stop and full of history. As I said at the beginning Merida has beaches and one of the closest is 30 minutes away (Playa Progreso), so arriving the first thing you will see is a stunning blue sea with white sand, you can eat here and wait until sunset to return to the hotel and rest from such a hectic day.



Day 3:

Izamal Pueblo Magico en Yucatan

The day starts by taking the road to Izamal (1 hour) magical town painted yellow everywhere, as shown on Instagram here is a beautiful place the first thing we will find is the Convent of San Antonio to leave and marvel at the history that houses this place you can go to the various archaeological sites that Izamanl has, there are 3 (Pyramid of Itzamatul, Kinich Kakmó, Chaltún Há) you can walk or Calandrias that besides being beautiful is also historical! After a long day, you should have a delicious wafer ice cream which is right in the center and for lunch/dinner there is the Kinich Restaurant where I recommend you to order Pollo Pibil, you don't know how delicious it was! To spend the night I stayed at the Hotel Rinconada del Convento where you will spend a spectacular night.




Day 4:

Today we took the road to get to Chichen Itza which is 1 hour from Izamal, as we know Chichen is one of the 7 wonders of the world and therefore is highly requested, so I recommend arriving at 8 am to be able to find half empty and enjoy everything! Here you spend about 2 to 3 hours walking around and taking a thousand pictures but it is totally worth it! After this wonder of the world just 8 minutes away is the Cenote Ik Kil, I recommend having breakfast (buffet) here and then going down to the cenote, in the cenote, you can swim, play, take pictures and even dive in.  After drying off we take the road to finally get to Valladolid (40 minutes) where we will sleep, I stayed at El Meson del Marques and rest for the rest of the adventure!

Chichen Itza Tour


Day 5:

Sitio arqueologico de ek Balam

Early in the morning, we take the road for 30 minutes to get to the Archaeological Site of Ek Balam, it can not be how beautiful this site is, Instagram photos do not do justice to what you see in person, here you will spend about 1 to 2 hours to go all over. Then comes the heaviest stretch of road 1 hour 30 to get to Las Coloradas, reserve of the Sal Sol salt mine is one of the natural wonders as you will find its waters in pink tones and you can see mountains of salt everywhere, without a doubt it is an indispensable stop on your route. On the way back to Valladolid is the virgin beach Cancunito, from the moment you enter you see the turquoise sea with its white sand like paradise, a quick stop but very nice, back on the road we found a place to have breakfast/lunch that was a-ma-zing, the return is 1 hour 40 minutes to get to Valladolid. 

If you still want to visit Valladolid I invite you to see the Church of San Servacio, take a bike to the Convent of San Bernardino, and have the most delicious Marquesita dinner you can taste! 


Day 6:

Valladolid Yucatan

Finally, we check out to go back to Merida (if you have more time you can finish this tour in Cancun which is 2 hours away) on the way back we have the Cenote Suytun (10 minutes) here is a forced stop because it is the most beautiful cenote of all Yucatan, you can just take the picture and continue on the road or swim for a while in the cenote. We take the road for another 20 minutes to get to the little town of Uayma, its convent is one of the most instagramable and obviously worth going down just for the picture, we go back to the road to get to Valladolid in 2 hours and finally leave the rented car, eat something, get ready to go to the airport and take our flight back home.

This is how you spend 6 days in Yucatan where you will see every corner that hides this beautiful city and with which you will take many laughs, experiences, photos, culture but above all one of the best trips you can make! I invite you to go and then tell us how was your trip! 

Cenote Suytun
















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