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Mayan Predictions


Mayan Civilization has been keeping its mystery that has not been solved for thousands of years.

According to the foundlings dating back to Mayan age; it’s been proved that they were very much improved at astronomy, architecture, arts and mathematics. Considering the difficulties that they had while building such enormous architectural beauties, even with today’s technology it’s amazing and unbelievable.

The biggest mystery of Mayan Civilization is the Mayan Calendar that has been reminded by the 2012 movie, according to which the end is approaching soon.

Maya Calendar is not an astronomic calendar. The calendar pictures the energies that have affected the universe and humanity. Mayan Calendar, just like the Mayan Pyramids, consists of 9 layers which represents nine eras and each layer shortens 1/20 of the previous layer. Layers have 6 nights and 7 days, totally 13 parts which affects the humanity with different energies they symbolize. Mayan Calendar, shortly, shows the evolution of human conscious. This is what makes this calendar special and why people are amazed.

Each day has significance according to Mayan Calendar and each person is born on different days that have different significances. Mayan Calendar also has an astrological aspect. Each day has a symbol and a number and the characteristics of the day that you are born shape your destiny.

Going back to some historical events throughout the years, affecting both the world and the humanity, you may see that they overlap with the Mayan Calendar.

The first layer of Mayan Calendar goes back to 16 billion years when the galaxies were formed. The second era starts 820 million years ago when the course of existence has started. With the mammals appearing, the third layer starts which lasts for 40 million years. At this layer there’s the evolution of the monkeys.

At the fourth layer, mankind appears within 2 million years. Fifth layer consists of 100 thousand years when the mankind starts to socialize and create.

At the sixth layer the civilization starts around 3100BC about 5 thousand years ago. The seventh layer dates back to 1755 when mankind improves with the industrial revolution and starts to colonize. Abstract terms just like economy appear here. 

The next layer number 8 starts in 1999. At the layer, an alternate conscious overtakes the previous one which is equality. Most people start to take care of environment, ecology, nature and mysticism. Economical crisis affects mostly America and England whereas towards east another philosophy becomes important.

According to the pyramid of Mayan Calendar, changes happen so quickly at each layer. Considering and comparing the changes have been happening within 10 years with the changes that has happened within 250 years it is not a surprise that we have significant differences and changes each week.

The darkest parts of each layer that consists of 6 nights and 7 days are the fifth nights. 5th night mostly bring disaster such as the crisis in 1930, Hitler and the Second World War and the atom bombings. The fifth night of the age we are in is the appearance of the economic crisis that has started in November 2007. In December 2007 Dow Jones decreased and the crisis ended in November 2008 when the new president of the United States, Obama, was elected.

With 8th November 2009, we are going into a new night change according to Mayan Calendar. This is going to be a bigger crisis. This breakdown is going to help another conscious to appear. Mankind should realize and awaken that money is not the importance. 

There’s no evidence or any epigraph of Mayans showing that this is going to be the end of the world. Mayan Calendar is just showing the evolution of conscious. According to all mystical beliefs there’s the highest consciousness to be reached and according to Mayan Calendar we are approaching this consciousness. When these layers end, the last point we reach should be the awakening. With this layer mankind should start to live in peace and unity.

According to researches and the foundlings, Mayan Calendar does not tell about the annihilation. It just tells about a different era and a big change that the mankind would never get through.

Does the mystery end here? No!

The mystery starts on 21st December 2012. What is going to happen and how the mankind is going to awaken? 

We don’t know yet but when there’s still time we advice you to visit the Chichen Itza when it is still there and who knows maybe the spirits of the Mayans whisper the mystery and the unknown into your ears!

DECEMBER 21ST, 2012 (12 21 2012)

Mayan Civilization

Mayans settled in Mesoamerica around 250 BCE and had an agricultural life strongly connected with nature. They created a calendar called Long Count, about 3500 years ago, based on their great mathematic and astronomic skills.

Mayans predicted when their lands would be invaded by foreigners, world wars and each solar and lunar eclipse, even happening after their era. They also had great astrologic knowledge, which enabled them to relations between cosmos and terrestial events. On December 21st of 2012, planets and stars were lined up in a way that occurs every 584,283 years (!).

End of the world?

Mayan calendar is divided into five Great Cycles. The first is said to be ended by a Jaguar which ate every life form; second cycle terminated by the air, the third finished by flames and the fourth, flooded. Fifth cycle ended on that specific date (12/21/2012), and was belieft to be exterminated by earthquakes (or were them suggesting upcoming catastrophes?). Yet, here we are.

An age of wisdom and peace

A new age is belieft to had begin on this date. Some attach this change to a cosmos event which supposedly helped inner and outer energies recalibrate by unique sun positions creating gateways. Fear and hatred are supposed to disappear and humanity purified.

A golden era of improvement

Effects have started recently in a positive way. Results point to be a more peaceful and happy humankind, predicating the good, meditating, thanking for what we have and loving each other more than ever. Hidden powers would be re-discovered and we'd all become more loving, forgiving, pacifists and “humans” again.


Nowadays everybody talks about 21st December. Some people believe the end, some people think this is going to be a new start for humankind in a very positive way.

Why 21st December? Is it to do with the Mayan Calendar? In a way yes. The Mayans were great with watching the movements of other planets and stars and they could relate the happenings above the sky with the happenings on our earth. However this is not only to do with their predictions. It is known that on 21st December the planets and stars are going to be lined up in such a way that happens every 584283 year.

Most of the astrologers believe that the effects have started recently in a positive way which would last until 2016 and the result is going to be peaceful and happy for the humankind. They suggest we all should pray for good, meditate, thank for what we have and love each other more than we've done so far.

Some believe that this is going to be a golden era for all of us and the humankind will be improved by gaining or realizing the power that he’s had but never could use such as telepathic mind power. This is going to be the start of an era which we all become loving, forgiving, pacifist and “human” again.

Hunbatz Men who is a Mayan shaman says in an interview given through the Star Knowledge Conference website that the Mayan calendars are cycles and do not have an end. However he adds that now one cycle is ending and this will cause a change with the sun. He says he doesn't know what will happen but he believes that whatever happens is not going to be negative. He says he wants to be in Chichen Itza on that day to speak with his ancestors.

 Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oklaj who is a 13th generation high priest and the leader of the National Mayan Council says that 21st December is the end of a cycle of the Mayan calendar. It’s a 5200 year cycle. He believes that this 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom. He believes everyone is equal, no matter poor or rich, black or white, men or women, all deserve respect and this is going to be the growth of our planet to make it a place where we can live with respect.

This is what we hope for...We hope that 21st December could be the day of enlightenment of humankind, the day they start to realize that we’re all equal, we all deserve respect and a peaceful world to live altogether.

Why 21st December


What happens after 21 December 2012? A realistic approach from NASA

The general idea about 21 December 2012 is that, the date is not the end, but the beginning of the new long-count period. 

As the most complex calendar system ever developed, the Mayan Long Count Calendar was keeping the tracks of the long intervals -the ruins reveal with the time references dating billion years ago.

For the scientists, it is, in fact, the end of this ancient calendar but not a “doomsday” with the new beginning of a 5,125-year cycle. No planetary alignment is likely to happen in the next decades for the scientists and they are also insisting that the polar shift theory is completely impossible.

A magnetic reversal is very unlikely to happen in the next few millennial and would not cause any harm to life on Earth.

A part from the reality, the day after 21 December 2012, is, still considered as the start of the new beginnings with the new cycle. 

The new level of consciousness and enlightenment begins with the new energy. 

This will also lead to the human’s progress by means of imagination, integrity and intention and the deeper understanding of the identity and the reason of the human’s existence on this planet…

After 21 December 2012