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Magic Towns in Yucatan

6 Jun, 2022

Today on the national magic towns day in Mexico, we would like to celebrate showing you these amazing places located in Yucatan.

Yucatan is a state full of biodiversity, culture, natural landscapes, history, Mayan vestiges, and many more authentic gems. A Magical Town is a town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, and transcendent events. Yucatan  has four magic towns in its territory, Valladolid, Izamal, Sisal and Maní. 

Izamal, the famous yellow town

Izamal is a popular town in the Yucatan Peninsula, it is visited by many travelers around the world, thanks to its stunning architecture, with yellow color on houses, restaurants, churches, schools, and every wall you see painted yellow everywhere. 

izamal magic town

Besides its wonderful and colonial buildings, Izamal was an important Mayan religious center, its main attraction is the San Antonio de Padua convent was founded in 1549 by the Franciscan friars. 

It also has some archaeological sites with four great pyramids that dominate the center of the town. What you are going to enjoy the most is getting lost in its cobbled streets with yellow and white facades. Don't forget to visit the local market, taste local dishes, and buy beautiful handicrafts.

izamal magic town

With its warm weather and peaceful atmosphere, Izamal becomes the perfect place to visit in the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Valladolid, a colorful small town

Visiting Valladolid is like being at home, with its vibrant and colorful streets, exquisite restaurants, and the friendliness of locals. The iconic San Servacio church in the main square will amaze you with its stunning colonial architecture, it is a truly masterpiece. This is one of the most visited towns since it works as a tourist spot because Chichen Itza is only 30 minutes from there, that is why many travelers choose it to stay.

valladolid church

The town offers one of the most beautiful cenotes in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Cenote Zaci is literally a few blocks away from the center, it is a huge and impressive cenote. There is also a cenote in the surroundings, it is called Suytun, and it is one of the most instagrammables spots due to its beauty.

valladolid church

This charming town provides some cultural expressions to enjoy, there are some great museums, you can’t miss either some of its chapels that decorate the whole city with. In Valladolid you can also do local shopping, try exquisite food in its restaurants, visit the churches and spend the afternoon in the main park. 

Sisal, ecoturism paradise

It was declared Magic town last 2020, it is a gorgeous municipality surrounded by an emerald sea and unique vegetation. Sisal is a tranquil port in the northwest of the Yucatan. In 1810 the port of Sisal was opened, originally called Santa María del Sisal, where the first exports from Yucatan to Havana were made, this is how Sisal gradually became a small fishing town, which today offers its visitors ecotourism and relaxation.

sisal yucatan

It is a destination for rest, here is all about peace and enjoy things like riding a bike, swimming in the sea, bird watching, try delicious food, and fishing. You will definitely love Sisal the moment you meet the town. If you are looking for natural adventures and want to escape from the city crowds, this is the ideal location since here you will find an endless number of ecotourism activities, either among the mangroves and lagoons that it has, kayaking, boat trips to observe beautiful flamingos or camping on the beach. This and more is what Sisal has for you.!
flamingos sisal yucatan

Mani, an impressive ancient town

Mani is one of the most important towns in Yucatan and It was the first Mayan community to which the Franciscan missionaries arrived to build the convent complex dedicated to San Miguel Arcángel, which is still standing and dates from 1549 and now is the city icon and the most important attraction. 

Being in Mani you must definitely try its most popular dish “Poc Chuc”, but also there are many more exquisite and traditional dishes to enjoy. 

mani yucatan magic town

This small and tranquil town provides the best environment for resting, avoiding crowds, living like locals, learning from its history and Mayan vestiges. 

You will be amazed by its impressive handcrafts, knowing the artisan workshops dedicated to textile art. If that wasn’t enough in the municipality there are around 30 meliponarios, which means you can get tasty honey in this magic town. 

Mani is another incredible magical town that you must visit in Yucatan, you will love it!

As you can see, these are great options for visiting in the Yucatan Peninsula, every magic town has something unique that you should discover. Staying in the Yucatan Peninsula you don't forget to visit Chichen Itza, especially the impressive Kukulkan Nights a beautiful spectacle in one of the 7 wonders of the world. 


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