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Kukulkan Nights, an impressive Mayan show

23 May, 2022

You probably know Chichen Itza because of the famous Kululkan Pyramid of the Castle during the day, but Chichen Itza at night is completely different. If you didn't know, Chichen Itza offers a majestic night show at its facilities, so if you are interested in this, stay with us and let's get started!

Kukulkan Nights

The Kukulkan nights began a few years ago during 2015. The spectacle delighted national and foreign visitors, and since then the light and sound show become a popular activity in Chichen Itza. 

Thes show projects a combination of lights and music while the Mayan history is told. Don't forget to look up, the stars are a detail that adds to the unmatched beauty of the visual spectacle.

chichen itza pyramid at night

Uniting the pre-Hispanic with the modern world, this experience will give you a contemporary vision in which you will relive the splendor of an ancient, mystical, and living culture in an unforgettable night. 

Chichen Itza Night Show

As soon as you enter the archaeological zone you will feel in a completely different world. All dark, but Mayan buildings shining more than ever accompanied by a sky full of stars shining as well. Walk through the Mayan buildings for one hour and enjoy the beautiful views of the illuminated ruins. After this be prepared because the night show is about to start, take your seat and enjoy.

chichen itza light show

The Kukulkan Pyramid is filled with beautiful images on it and the light and sound are all over the temple. During the show, the history of the Mayan civilization, Chichén Itzá, and the worldview of the Mayan culture is narrated.


You can enjoy the KuKulkan Nights from Tuesday to Sunday, and it starts at 8:00 pm during the summer schedule and at 7:00 pm during the winter season. 

Reservations are not necessary you can buy your ticket at Chichen Itza's entrance from 3:00 pm

The cost of the tickets is $600 MXN for everyone

There is a special rate on Sundays $270 MXN

The show has recently reopened due to the pandemic, it has been closed for almost a year, we recommend you follow the sanitary protocols so that these activities continue to delight us. 

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