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HAAB Calendar
HAAB Calendar

Haab refers to a 365 days calendar which is similar to our western calendar and is formed into 18 months of 20days each and there is the last short month which has only five days. Haab is a Maya word for “year”. It is the solar calendar of the Mayans. It was thought to be linked to agriculture so Haab was also called the “Mundane calendar” in colonial times and the month names are based on the seasons and agricultural events but researchers haven’t found any evidence that the Maya made any provision to reconcile the Haab with the season. 

Month names and meanings:

Pop: mat, Wo: black conjunction, Sip: red conjunction, Sotz: bat, Sek: ?, Xul: dog, Yaxk’in: new sun, Mol: water, Ch’en: black storm, Yax: green storm, Sac: white storm, Keh: red storm, Mak: enclosed(may refer to the end of the rainy season), K’ank’in: yellow sun (may refer to ripe crops in the fall), Muwan: owl, Pax: planting time, K’ayab: turtle, Kumk’u: granary, Wayeb: 5 unlucky days. At the end of the calender there is last five days which nameless. 5 days were thought to be a dangerous time. Day numbers began with a “seating of” translated from “glyp” a named month. Glyphs represent periods of time. The first day of the year was Seating Pop. This was followed by 1 Pop, 2 Pop 3 pOP... 19 Pop, Seating Wo, 1 Wo and so on...

Mathematical equation shows that the cycle of the 260 day Tzolk’in and the 365 day Haab recombine on the exact same day they both started together after 52 turns of the Haab and 73 turns of the Tzolk’in or in 18980 days. 

52*365(Haab) =73x260(Tzolk’in) =18980days.

These 18980 days equal 52years and is called the calendar round and a cycle of the Pleiades. 

In 18980 days (52years) you become elder with the wisdom and responsibility to guide your people. When you are 52 years old the sun has travelled between its north and south extremes 52 times, the Tzolk’in has turned 73 times, the moon has grown full some 643 times and the Pleiades has returned to the same position it held when you were born. 

The pyramid in Chichen Itza was used as a calendar 4stairways, each with 91 steps and a platform at the top, making a total of 365, exactly equivalent to the number of days in a Haab calendar year.

Only the Haab calendar has a direct relationship to the length of the year. It was the civil calendar of the Mayas.