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Chablé Hotel: A Romantic getaway

06 Jul 2022

Chablé Hotel Riviera Maya

Chablé Hotel: A Romantic getaway

Today we bring you a new Resort recommendation. This Chichen Itza Hotel goes for sustainability, luxury, and tradition. Chablé Hotel is where you can enjoy a unique and paradisiacal getaway. Chablé Resorts is the sustainable Mexican brand of ultra-luxury boutique hotels behind Chablé Yucatan, Chablé Maroma, coming this year: Casa Chablé and in 2024: Chablé Sea of Cortéz. 

Famous for hosting the most memorable weddings and special events, Chablé Hotel is what you’re looking for in the Riviera Maya.

These proudly Mexican hotels are ready to welcome you in their spaces that offer luxury and comfort, which seek to be the setting for your next unique experience. Part of the services that Chablé Hotels offers you to enjoy wellness are spa treatments with herbs inspired by the ancestral culture of healers, as well as options that play with water, earth, air, essential oils, and sea salt.Chablé Yucatan

This is the ideal place for a romantic getaway. This summer, Chablé Hotel is expected to be one of the trendiest resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula for couples. Just imagine being surrounded by beautiful gardens, and the luxurious amenities the resort offers.

Preserving history and Mexican tradition, the building keeps its original walls of the 19th-century hacienda. Adding up to this cultural atmosphere, a cenote is to be found on the property, giving you a sense of mystery and relaxation at the same time. The cenote terrace in the heart of the Wellness Spa is the place where Mayan ceremonies are held, thus providing the opportunity to experience unique rituals that are not performed anywhere else in the world. 

However, the space itself is only the beginning of a memorable experience. By ingeniously combining ancestral Mayan ambiance with modern sophistication, guests are to be mesmerized by every experience. 

There are also couples looking for more intimate, warm, and personal spaces for their vacations, weddings, or honeymoons, places that bring together close people on their special time, in places like Chablé Maroma. It is a sanctuary where you can strengthen your body, mind, and spirit through unique ceremonies, which involve rituals from the Mayan past, with signature treatments and, of course, a beach in front of one of the bluest seas on the globe. At Chablé Maroma, the activities fortify the couples and create a unique bond between them with nature.

Experience a temazcal, an ancestral ritual that purifies on a physical and spiritual level, perfect for exploring that mystical element that many people want to keep in mind at a moment as fundamental as this one. 

Enjoy romantic dinners illuminated by a bonfire and enlivened by the sound of the sea breeze; Mayan ceremonies designed by experts in the field or have dedicated spaces with live music and many amenities to enjoy an unforgettable party. 



Cahablé Hotel YucatanGet to know the Mayan culture through unique culinary experiences in Chablé Yucatán. Try out their organic and seasonal cuisine and how it is enhanced by the organic ingredients fresh from their garden. These are the restaurants within the hotel:



Chable ResortEach Chablé Hotel has been built by studying the land and its orientation. Built by using renewable building materials, they managed to design and create spaces to have a direct connection with nature.

You can trust that everything is planned to perfection. The exteriors and interiors are carefully thought out to satisfy the guests and the environment’s necessities. As part of a global community, Chablé Resorts have pledged environmental responsibility.

Chablé’s sustainable programs and wellness activities include:

  • Reduce waste
  • Melipona Bee Sanctuary
  • Plastic Free & ecofriendly products
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Endangered species sanctuary
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Reforestation
  • Coral reef protection
  • Sourcing Local
  • Awareness talks & sustainable experiences for our guests to get involved.


They are pioneers in the Redefining Wellness hospitality space, Chablé Hotels was built on the foundations of its treasured past. They intend to bring value to the past and enhance the present by creating spaces and experiences where both are unified. From the eco-sleek designs to the elimination of single-use plastics, Chablé Hotels are committed to reducing its environmental impact, without compromising quality, guest experiences, and the highest levels of service.


Source: Chablé Hotels


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