Chichen Itza, El Castillo, Kukulkan Pyramid, Mayan Civilization
Las Monjas

This building named Casa de las Monjas by the Spanish who were reminded of convent buildings back home. 

This building called as nunnery,and it is considered by most a residential palace, but scholars are divided as to whether it represents the residence of the founding family of Chichen or a priest's house, or a council house (or Popal Nah ) structure. 

The building has five dedicatory glyph strings, one of which dates it to AD 880. The original building was constructed on a 30 foot high platform, with a central reinforced wall and two wings. 

During a later remodeling, a second floor added and the base was widened. Above the 2nd floor is a mat-weave lattice. The decoration and architecture is typically Puuc Maya so The Nunnery is strictly a Puuc style building. 

The rubble core walls were originally veneered with indented stepped frets in cubes decorated with beautiful flowers. 

A sacrificial stone which is in front of this building, and a jaguar throne was found within, showing its continued use also after the Toltec arrival.