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Riviera Maya, one of the most popular areas in southern Mexico

6 Apr, 2022

The Riviera Maya is an extension of the Mayan jungle located in the southeastern part of Mexico. Its Caribbean coasts are characterized by turquoise waters and fine white sand, in addition to the extensive variety of wildlife both on land and underwater. There is some confusion around if Riviera Maya is part of Cancun, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum. It is worth mentioning that Tulum and Playa del Carmen are contained in Riviera Maya, however, Cancun isn't.

What airport do you fly into for Riviera Maya?

Currently (April 2022), the most accessible airport to get to the Riviera Maya is the Cancun International Airport. Hundreds of flights from different parts of the world land and take off here every day.

Best places to stay in Riviera Maya

  • Grand Velas

    Hugging the coast where the Caribbean Sea meets the Yucatán jungle, Grand Velas Riviera Maya takes you beyond All-Inclusive. Savor gourmet cuisine from renowned chefs, bring balance to body and mind with treatments in their holistic Spa and unwind in suites with private terraces, plunge pools, and uninhibited water views.

  • UNICO 20° 87°

    UNICO 20°87° immerses guests in the culture of the region, from the locally-inspired cocktails and cuisines to the art in the rooms. Three unique pools and holistic spa and wellness center drive home a sense of relaxed luxury, while exciting pop-up events insert a touch of spontaneity into the experience.

  • Xcaret Hotel

    Xcaret Hotel was born as a tribute to Mayan culture and to Mexico, its artisans, its gastronomy, its living wealth, and its cultural heritage. Characterized by its hospitality and excellence in service, which have given them several recognitions, among them a 5 Diamond certification.

  • El Dorado Maroma

    El Dorado Maroma offers guests the opportunity to experience one of the Top 10 Beaches in the World in a whole new light. Palafitos-Overwater Bungalows are a cluster of 30 exclusives, private bungalows sitting right over the turquoise waters of Maroma Beach. Every single facet of these exclusive suites is designed to highlight the surrounding beauty.

  • Le Blanc

    This all-inclusive, AAA Five Diamond spa resort, situated in the northern end of the Quintana Roo hotel zone, towers majestically over one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches. Guests can unwind and surrender to a lavish retreat on the tropical Yucatán Peninsula, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Nichupte Lagoon. Le Blanc is an adults-only resort offering an experience of sophisticated style, lavish personal attention, and contemporary and minimalist decoration. Definitely, one of the best places to stay in Cancun.

What time is it in Riviera Maya?

The time in the Riviera Maya is the same time in Cancun since both areas are in the same state, Quintana Roo, which officially changed its time zone from Central Standard Time (CST) to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What is a cenote in Riviera Maya?

Cenotes are natural freshwater sinkholes formed from thousands of years of water filtering through the karstic soil of the area. As the surface limestone collapses, water, which regularly flows underground, is exposed.

What Time Zone is Riviera Maya?

Currently (April 2022) and as of February 1, 2018, the Riviera Maya time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST). This was proposed and accepted by the local authorities so vacationers could enjoy one more hour in their days.

What ocean is Riviera Maya on?

The Riviera Maya is located in the southeast area of Mexico that borders the Caribbean Sea.

What is the weather in Riviera Maya?

The weather in Riviera Maya tends to be hot and humid (~28°C). From May to October is the rainy season, and the coldest days (~18°C) are from late December to early February.

What to do in Riviera Maya?

There is much to do when in the Riviera Maya, from discovering its beautiful beaches, visiting its enigmatic cenotes, entering the immensity of its underwater world, exploring the vestiges of ancient cultures, delighting in its wide gastronomic offer, overload of adrenaline in one of its theme parks and more.

What to pack for Riviera Maya?

If you happen to visit Mexico, specifically Riviera Maya from May to October, you may want to include rain gear. Otherwise, an appropriate packing for the Riviera Maya includes items for tropical, hot, and humid environments. Think of light clothing, comfortable shoes, skincare products, and gadgets to take back good memories in the form of audiovisual material.

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