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Hanal Pixán, the Day of the Death

28 Oct, 2021

Hanal Pixán, Day of the Death in Yucatan

The very famous Day of the Death is one of the most important festivities in Mexico. This celebration is known all throughout the world. It is part of the country's culture and traditions. And it's celebrated big-time with music, food, colorful decorations and a lot of mystery... 

The Day of the Death is a celebrated tradition for the ones that have left us. People celebrate their lives and deaths through offerings, in which they believe the souls come back home to taste their favorite food and greet their loved ones. Each 1st and 2nd of November, Mexican homes prepare themselves to welcome the spirits and celebrate.

How is the Day of the Death in Yucatan?

Yucatan is one of the most unique states celebrating the Day of the Dead, the altars are decorated with colorful cutout paper and cempasúchil flowers, photographs of the deceased, and their favorite food.

In Yucatán, an authentic Day of the Dead dish is the PIB or Mucbipollo, a huge tamale weighing 1.5 kilos that are cooked in an earth oven and prepared with corn dough, chicken, and pork meat and beans, all wrapped in banana leaves. It is truly delicious and is one of the dishes that cannot be missing on the altar of the dead. 

Days before this millenary tradition, people prepare themselves by buying everything necessary for the altar, oh and also the whole house must be left clean before the arrival of the souls. The altar is decorated, food, candles, and photographs are placed and the arrival of the dead is awaited. 


The ofrendas (offerings) can be made inside the home, or many people choose to make the offering directly in the cemetery. Another place that fills with colors during these dates, since many families make their altars there for their loved ones. 

Not only in the cemetery and in the homes are celebrated, but also in the streets there are different festivals with music, exquisite gastronomy, costumes, and a lot of atmospheres. 

If you visit Chichen Itza during these dates, you definitely have to go to one of this Day of the Dead performances and get to know the authentic Mexican traditions.

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