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Group of friends discovers potentially unexplored Mayan ruins in Yucatan, Mexico

12 Apr, 2022

A group of friends discovered, among other interesting founds, which seems a past Mayan settlement in Dzibalkú.

In search of adventure and abandoned places, a group of Yucatan explorers have come across different Mayan buildings including what they describe as a tall structure covered by vegetation.

Mayan structure near Dzibalkú by Aaron Novelo

They shared on Social Media:

"The structure of Dzibalkú, a building lost among the fields near Tizimín. Appreciated from the satellite map, we set out to reach this mysterious and unusual lost structure. It was a long trip of more than two hours to the site where, upon arrival, we continued walking approximately 5 km to the structure. On the way, we got lost several times, the water ran out and we lost a lot of time. At approximately 16:20, we straightened our course and headed into the jungle for about 300 meters of dense vegetation that made us feel like we had crossed a kilometer during the journey because of how difficult was to advance. However, despite all the setbacks, we reached the objective at about 17:10, when, finally at the top, we could observe the magnitude and height of this building, which is approximately 25 meters high. At 17:40, we were already leaving the site without water, a bit dehydrated and tired."

Some other of their discoveries include:

  • A cenote within a ranch known as San Chemas, around Tizimín.
  • Structures and carved stones at Ixil Municipality
  • An abandoned archaeological site at Misnebalam with, at least, 10 pyramid-shaped platforms covered by jungle connected by sacbe roads in a 4km radius, some of which are 15km up high.

  • A prehispanic-styled structure around 500m long with a dock, many structures, and a pok-ta-pok court (Mayan ball game).
  • An ostentatious castle at Chac II, Oxkutzcab, with columns, a pok-ta-pok court, carved stones, and a snake head at the base of a building.

These recent discoveries are proof that Mayans were distributed all around the area, and that there might still be many ancient Maya structures to be discovered in the deep and vast Yucatan jungle.

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