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21 December 2012
21 December 2012

Mankind has always known that he’ll die one day but the Mayans foreknew the exact date?

Who are the Mayans?

Mayans are from an ancient civilization who settled in the Mesoamerica around 250 AD. They lived an agricultural life therefore very much connected with nature.

The Classic Period of the Mayans was the first 650 years of their civilization. During this time they captured more than forty cities like Mexico, North Belize and Guatemala. Their population was about 2 million. 

They were influenced by the cultures of the cities they captured and reflected it to their art and architecture. 

The Mayans created a calendar called Long Count, about 3500 years ago based on their great skill of mathematics and astrology. And this ancient calendar worries today’s modern civilizations because of the date it ends.

Does it mean the end of the world?

There are many thoughts about the Mayans, their calendar and 2012. This calendar is reliable for some researchers because the Mayans predicted the year when their civilization would be invaded by the foreigners, they predicted the world wars and every solar and lunar eclipse until today. However they never predicted anything about 2012. But maybe they did but we don’t know now as the Spanish when attacked their land, burnt the books of the Mayans and unfortunately today we only have a few of their sources.

To some researches it will not be the end of the world but will be an age of wisdom and peace because they know that Mayans never believed in endings. According to them time was circular and every ending starts a new beginning. New age philosophers think that this will be a galactic event which helps the inner and outer cosmos to exchange by the help of a gateway that the Sun will create with a unique position. With this exchange fear and hatred will disappear, we’ll be purified.

According to doomsayers, this will be the end of the world. It will be destroyed and will vanish! They also have reasons believing in the end. The Maya calendar was divided into five stages, called Great Cycles. The first period was ended by a Jaguar that ate everyone in the world. Second cycle ended in the air, the third finished in fire and the fourth was flooded! The fifth cycle’s end is believed to be by the earthquakes.

All we can do is wait and see and meanwhile share our thoughts about the near future...