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TZOLK’IN Calendar - Chichen Itza

For Mayas the “kin” is the basic unit of time and in Maya language a “kin” means a sun since kin is the name of the sun. Hours based on the Sun’s movement are not equal so the basic unit isn’t an hour. The sun’s face gives rise to the 4 directions east, west, north, south. In all Maya Languages the road of the sun defines space and time. In Maya language Lakin is east and means “the sun is born”, Cikin is west and means “the sun is eaten”, Xaman is north and means “right hand of the sun”, Nohol is south and means “sun’s left or hidden hand”. According to Maya east is at the top of a map of this four square plane of Earth.

If linguistic data is correct, The Tolzk’in was already in use before 1000BCE by the Maya and other Mesoamerican people. Later on, this calendar was projected backward to the beginning of this, the fourth creation in 3114BCE. Today, Modern Maya still keep its days. In the Guatemalan highlands the Tzolk’in is still in use by several Maya communities.

The Tzolk’in calendar has 20 different named days that are counted in cycles of 1 through 13 till all possible pairings of days and numbers have been made which takes 260 days. After 260 days the cycle starts new with all combinations have been made and day one and number one meet again.

1: ahau,
1: imix( the first day of the Tzolk’in),
2: ik,
3: akbal,
4: kan,
5: chicchan,
6: cimi,
7: manic,
8: lamat,
9: muluk,
10: ok,
11: chuen,
12: eb,
13: ben,

1: ix 2: menand so on until after 260 days the cycle returns to 1 ahau. 13 Ahau is the 260th day of the Tzolkin. Each of the 20days is a unique quality for Mayas and also each of the 13 bumbers represents a different principle. As a result each day in Tzolk’in calendar has characteristic or a special flavour that colours the day. Under the influence of the day’s quality a child born, a marriage undertaken, an activity begun.

Tzolk’in is a clock of universal time and was extensively used in Mayan inscriptions and codes for example symbols from the Tzolkin are carved into the stonework of the ancient Mayan pyramids. Mayan Time Science isn't astrological, isn't based on the stars, the planets or anything physical either. It can be confusing because it’s unfamiliar territory for the modern mind. It is an entirely new and also unfamiliar world based on nothing familiar to our common understanding of the World. The Tzolkin calendar expresses fluid, spiraling cycles of alternating life energy moving through space and time that continuously flow and encompasses the ever changing evolutionary process of living beings. As you become more familiar with the Tzolk’in round, it will get clearer.
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