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Las Monjas

This building named Casa de las Monjas by the Spanish who were reminded of convent buildings back home.
This building called as nunnery,and it is considered by most a residential palace, but scholars are divided as to whether it represents the residence of the founding family of Chichen or a priest's house, or a council house (or Popal Nah ) structure.
The building has five dedicatory glyph strings, one of which dates it to AD 880. The original building was constructed on a 30 foot high platform, with a central reinforced wall and two wings.
During a later remodeling, a second floor added and the base was widened. Above the 2nd floor is a mat-weave lattice. The decoration and architecture is typically Puuc Maya so The Nunnery is strictly a Puuc style building.
The rubble core walls were originally veneered with indented stepped frets in cubes decorated with beautiful flowers.
A sacrificial stone which is in front of this building, and a jaguar throne was found within, showing its continued use also after the Toltec arrival.

Las Monjas - Chichen Itza



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